1926 Roads Encircle Greenwood Lake!

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“Warwick in History” – In December, 1925, they were showing some very good moving pictures at the Parish House in Greenwood Lake every Saturday night, and they were appreciated by everyone. There were many people who did not have a chance to go to Warwick to see the pictures, and those who could did not like the long ride in cold and stormy weather; so they were glad to have pictures at the lakeĀ once more.

Greenwood Lakers were also looking forward to 1926, as the year when they would have roads going completely around the lake. Both New York and New Jersey had promised contracts for the West Shore Road, and Passaic County had decided to build a road up the east side to Sterling Forest. That left only the stretch in New York on the east side to make the whole circle of the lake, which they felt would aid in the development of their resort.