1926 Warwick Advertiser – Roll Call for Just Us Chickens!

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“Warwick in History” – THE WARWICK ADVERTISER, in 1926, was warning all chicken thieves to avoid the hennery of Frank Holbert, who had devised a guaranteed exterminator for them.

Every morning, Mr. Holbert held roll call in his hennery and every day one or two chickens were AWOL. He kept his shot-gun handy and one night shot the family’s pet cat; but that was not the villain.

A careful inspection turned up no clues, until Mr. Holbert accidentally stepped into a hole and realized it was a rat hole. Poison was ruled out because of the fowls.

He left his gun beside the hole inside the chicken house, located the other end of the tunnel outside, and backed his tractor up to it so that the exhaust would fill the hole with smoke and fumes.

Mr. Holbert then dashed back inside and picked up his gun just in time. He let go with both barrels, and four large rats lay dead. After that, all hens were present at roll call every morning.