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St. Stephen’s Roman Catholic Church

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“Warwick in History” – The year of 1903 was a memorable one for the congregation of St. Stephen’s Roman Catholic Church in Warwick. It was during that year that their present stone church building was erected, at a cost of $16,000 under the leadership of the Rev. P.J. Minogue. The cornerstone had been laid in the spring at an impressive outdoor ceremony. The Rev. S.J. Nowak of Florida and the Rev. Fr. Malony of Chester were also present. Music was provided by the Warwick Cornet Band and the choirs of St. Stephen’s and St. Edward’s. In the fall of 1903 came...

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1926 Warwick Advertiser – Roll Call for Just Us Chickens!

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“Warwick in History” – THE WARWICK ADVERTISER, in 1926, was warning all chicken thieves to avoid the hennery of Frank Holbert, who had devised a guaranteed exterminator for them. Every morning, Mr. Holbert held roll call in his hennery and every day one or two chickens were AWOL. He kept his shot-gun handy and one night shot the family’s pet cat; but that was not the villain. A careful inspection turned up no clues, until Mr. Holbert accidentally stepped into a hole and realized it was a rat hole. Poison was ruled out because of the fowls. He left his gun beside the...

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Sugar Loaf was Quite a Summer Resort

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“Warwick in History” – Between 1905 and 1915 Sugar Loaf was quite a summer resort. About the middle of June there would be an influx of “city people” for the summer season which usually ended when the Church Fair was held the last weekend of August or on Labor Day. The families would arrive on the neon train or the 5:15 to remain, and the husbands to return on the 7:15 Monday morning, coming back Friday evenings on the 7:30. Everyone who had extra rooms welcomed the “city people” warmly. During this period, it was quite “the thing” for...

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United American Methodist Episcopal Church Building Constructed in 1904 – Moved to Present Location in 2007

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“Warwick in History” – About 1904, the Warwick U.A.M.E Church was built. Money was obtained for the building of the church through contributions from people of the Village of Warwick, camp meeting and concerts. The Bible was given by Mrs. Sarah Murray and the pulpit by Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Teabout. Special activities of the year included a Sunday school picnic, concerts and dinners. All members enjoyed good fellowship. The organist from 1941 to 1960 was Mr. John Logan. Today the church welcomes all to worship with them. This was taken from the WARWICK CENTENNIAL BOOK in...

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Serious Flooding of Warwick – 1903 & more recently. . .

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“Warwick in History” – After heavy rains in October 1903, the creek passing through Warwick caused a serious flood. Water washed the top of the ties on the bridge. Locomotives or loaded coal cars were placed on several railroad bridges to hold them against the wash and lift of the current. At the railroad station only the tops of the rails showed. All the lawn of the Railroad Station Green and Railroad Avenue were covered by water. Boats navigated on Railroad Avenue during this time. Townsend Sanford paddled a canoe into two business places. Warwick still gets flooded...

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