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Special Town Meeting — Bounty to be Assessed. . .

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“Warwick in History” – On October 18, 1862, notice was made that a special town meeting is to be held at the house of Lewis Sutton on October 28, 1862, for the purpose of voting a bounty of $2000 to be paid to men who have enlisted in the war from the Town of Warwick since September 10, 1862. Each volunteer to receive $50 until the $2000 is expended. Said bounty to be assessed upon the taxable property of the Town of Warwick. By request of twelve of the free holders of the Town of Warwick signed by John E. Conklin, Town Clerk. The above is taken from the minute book of the...

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Lions, Tigers and Bears – Must Have Been Quite a Sight!

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“Warwick in History” – Some interesting news items taken from THE SEMAPHORE, a publication of the Lehigh and Hudson River Railway Company, follow. They were reported in 1926. The regular monthly meeting and dinner of the Warwick Board of Trade, held October 5, was attended by the following Lehigh and Hudson men; C.S. Beattie, J.B. Icsman, S. Meyers, C.H. Seely, E.T. Stidworthy, W.B. Shuler, A.M. Holmes and J.A. Pearce. As usual, at this season of the year, the Lehigh and Hudson took the Ringling Brothers Circus home and put them to bed for the winter at Bridgeport,...

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Schoolhouse at Lake Station – 1926

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“Warwick in History” – When the schoolhouse at Lake Station had a story written about it by Mrs. Delia Houston in 1926, it still had its old windows of many panes. They were its most distinguishing feature on the outside. Otherwise, it was a plain frame building which had been erected more than 100 years ago to replace an earlier stone schoolhouse which was sold and torn down. The land for the¬†school was taken from the corners of two adjoining fields. There was a wide-spreading oak tree nearby but not enough land for a playground. The school children played in the rocky...

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Warwick Always a Great Place to Leaf Peep!

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“Warwick in History” – In 1926, hundreds of pedestrians are gladdened daily by the sight of the bed of glowing autumnal flowers planted and cared for by David Goble and William Hayes, gatemen at the Main Street crossing in Warwick. The flowers are planted on the tiny plot of ground at the base of the tower on the bank of the “crick”. The flowers have been such a success that the men intend to extend their gardening next year. A splendid example of how to brighten corners where you are. This was taken from the monthly publication of the Lehigh and Hudson River...

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Census Information Was Calculated Very Differently in 1850

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“Warwick in History” – The United States census which was taken in the fall of 1850 counted 918 households in the Town of Warwick. These ranged in size from one to fifteen persons. Sometimes, that number represented only a man and his wife and children. However, boarders, hired girls, hired men and apprentices who lived in, were all counted as members of a household. Also, many individuals lived with relatives, as 1850 was well before the day of the nuclear family. At that time, Seward Institute in Florida was new. The female department had twenty or more boarding pupils,...

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