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A Poetic Account, “Flowering of a new generation out of black dirt.”

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“Warwick in History” – Dorothea D. and Fred Everett had this to say about the Black Acres in November 1941: Only 50 miles from New York City a band of immigrants is pioneering America much as our forefathers did. Most of these immigrants are Polish.¬† About 1880 a few recent arrivals from Poland were brought upstate from New York City to help on the farms around the towns of Florida and Pine Island. They had been stifled by the unfamiliar life of the big city. When first they saw the black acres of Orange County muck lands stretching out before them like the beloved soil of...

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The YMCA Steps Up to the Plate in 1926

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“Warwick in History” – On November 1, 1926, a meeting was called at the Y.M.C.A. rooms in Warwick to launch a Lehigh and Hudson River Railway Company Athletic Association. A temporary committee, composed of John Barry, Walter Norris, A.L. Perry, and L.R. Chamberlain, launched the association “with what looks like a firm foundation and bright future.” There had been much talk among the employees¬†of the railroad to form such a group since the Erie Baseball Team came to Warwick to play. There would be basketball teams with cardinal red suits to play against each...

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