Amity Fire Company and Pulaski Fire Company

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“Warwick in History” – In August of 1947, the Amity Fire Company was organized. In September of that same year it was incorporated, to become the Amity Volunteer Fire Company, Inc. With their fellow company of Pine Island, they make up the Pine Island Fire District. The membership in 1976 consisted of 63 Active members. The first truck was a 1927 American La France purchased from Greenwood Lake in 1948.

The Amity Fire Police was organized in 1950 and serves the company in all functions with a current membership of six. Through several fund raising events, they have been able to make a donation of $1000 to the fire company. 

The Amity Fire Company is very proud of the building and property which they own.

Today the Amity Fire Company and Pulaski Fire Company are housed in their new building on County Route 1 in Pine Island.