Warwick In History Minutes

Water Comes to the Village of Warwick via the Mistucky Reservoir in 1872

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“Warwick in History” – A great celebration was held in the National Hall at 1:30 pm on this day of 1872 to commemorate the occasion of water from the Mistucky Reservoir being piped into the Village of Warwick. This had been completed in the late fall of 1871. Grinnell Burt, in addressing a group from all portions of the county, praised the progress of the village in so short a time since its beginning. “The introduction of water to the Village of Warwick was the great and crowning act of all,” he said. He went on to say, “We have a waterworks second to...

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Owned by the Society — The Shingle House — A Haven for Tourists in 1830!

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“Warwick in History” – A widely known landmark, the old shingle house on the Wallace Dusinberre Farm near Edenville, burned to the ground on this day in 1907. The house was built in 1734 and was one of the oldest landmarks in southern New York. It was erected by Major Jacobus Post, one of the founders of Edenville. In 1830 it was purchased by D. C. Dusinberre and had been an heirloom of his family. Tourists had visited the place often. Its history was told many times in the New York dailies. When first built, the house was an inn situated on the old turnpike between Newton...

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Wickham Lake — Thirty (Plus) Years of Winter Sports!

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“Warwick in History” – An ice carnival was planned at Wickham Lake with ice waltzing to music in the evening, hot dogs and coffee, and a scratch hockey game in the afternoon. The musicians were to be sheltered in a tent with a big bonfire in front and oil stoves inside to keep them warm. Sleighs were to leave the residences of L.A. Riley and Dr. J.H. Wood. This was to take place on January 21, 1910. Greenwood Lake during the 1930’s and early 1940’s was well known for its winter sports activities. It was not unusual to have over 2,000 people skating on the east...

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A Cornerstone in the Community — Literally!

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“Warwick in History” – One of the oldest family-owned businesses in Warwick is the insurance firm of John W. Sanford & Son, located on Main Street in the Village of Warwick. In 1890, John W. Sanford started a real estate and insurance business. In 1930, after college, Mr. Sanford’s son, John Sanford Jr., joined the insurance business and later became a partner. Several small agencies were acquired between that date and World War II when John Jr. left for four years active duty in the Navy. Mr. Sanford Sr. died in December of 1942 and the business was carried on by...

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Hard Winter

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“Warwick in History” – The winter of 1835-1836 has gone by the name of the “hard winter” ever since snow commenced falling in November. With consecutive severe storms it accumulated to great depth. The cold was intermittent and excessive. Woodcock, partridge, quail and various small game were almost utterly destroyed. Great inconvenience and much suffering were experienced by the inhabitants of Warwick. Business at times was almost at a standstill from the depths of snow that impeded travel. Children were detained from school, physicians could frequently not...

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Tune in tomorrow. . .

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“Warwick in History” – On this day in 1893, Dr. Bradner appeared before the Board of Education to state he had thoroughly fumigated all apartments in the White Elephant Building and that classes could be held there after a two month period had elapsed. The Board intended using the White Elephant Building for extra primary classrooms until a new school could be built. This excerpt came from Warwick School District records. Our research has not shown where the White Elephant Building was. Does anyone know? Tune in tomorrow for the answer.

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