Census Information Was Calculated Very Differently in 1850

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“Warwick in History” – The United States census which was taken in the fall of 1850 counted 918 households in the Town of Warwick. These ranged in size from one to fifteen persons. Sometimes, that number represented only a man and his wife and children. However, boarders, hired girls, hired men and apprentices who lived in, were all counted as members of a household. Also, many individuals lived with relatives, as 1850 was well before the day of the nuclear family.

At that time, Seward Institute in Florida was new. The female department had twenty or more boarding pupils, who were counted in the census. So were the three teachers, who also lived at the school. Some of the pupils at Seward in 1850 came from Massachusetts, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia and North Carolina, as well as from New York State.