Ketchum House



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Staircase goes all the
way up to the attic

Shoe - custom from
England to bury a shoe
in the wall during

Lock on front door
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The first Washington memorial print, issued in June of 1800
by T. Clark of Boston.
This silk painting was copied from a German print done by J.
Martin Will in 1778. The original drawing from life was done by Alexander
Campbell of Williamsburg, Va.

Memorial bust by Enoch Wood, Staffordshire, England in 1800
In the Garden of
the Ketchum House


Fence with ball &
chain to open gate

Path to grotto in back


*In keeping with the Federal reverence for the founding fathers and the home’s proximity to local Washington associated sites, a special collection of George Washington “memento mori” items (phrase meaning “remember that you are mortal”)  was assembled. These remembrances were issued usually within 10 years of the death of a famous person. In addition to those pictured here, the collection includes a box made of wood from Mt. Vernon, and cloak pins.