Fire Police of Warwick -1939

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“Warwick in History” – The Fire Police of Warwick were first formally organized in the early summer of 1939. A member of the fire police is usually a seasoned veteran of many fires and emergencies, and knows the “ins and outs” of fire fighting.

When the alarm sounds or the chief declares an emergency, they become peace officers under New York State Law and act under the direction of the chief or the line officers. The fire police take positions at corners and intersections to insure the rapid and safe response to fire or other emergency. A vital point to remember is that they are volunteer fireman, first, and fire police, second.

They stand ready to continue to serve their community to the best of their abilities.

**Thank you to the men and women of our Volunteer Fire Departments. You are there for your community 24/7 even on holidays, you leave your families to help our families**