Legends and Superstitions . . .

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“Warwick in History” – The following is taken from an article in the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC MAGAZINE on the Black Acres in the town of Warwick published in November 1941:

From these lovable people we have learned many stories brought over from the Old Country, legends based on superstitions. Favorite subjects are the balls of fire seen dancing through the swamps on dark nights. In earlier years so many ghost stories were told that most children were afraid to go out after dark.

Many years ago Father John Felczak was called to administer last rites to an old man, who the messenger said, was dying. When the priest reached the small shack, he found that the wife had stripped all the clothing from the sick man and was kneeling beside him, scrubbing his body vigorously with a stiff scrubbing brush, using salt and water profusely. The body was so red it looked raw all over. Because of the Old Country remedy, or perhaps in spite of it, the old man is alive today. He asserts that he is now more than 100 years of age.