Lions, Tigers and Bears – Must Have Been Quite a Sight!

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“Warwick in History” – Some interesting news items taken from THE SEMAPHORE, a publication of the Lehigh and Hudson River Railway Company, follow. They were reported in 1926.

The regular monthly meeting and dinner of the Warwick Board of Trade, held October 5, was attended by the following Lehigh and Hudson men; C.S. Beattie, J.B. Icsman, S. Meyers, C.H. Seely, E.T. Stidworthy, W.B. Shuler, A.M. Holmes and J.A. Pearce.

As usual, at this season of the year, the Lehigh and Hudson took the Ringling Brothers Circus home and put them to bed for the winter at Bridgeport, Connecticut. The circus cars were going over the line for three days this month.