Main Street Memories

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“Warwick in History” – In discussions with Leo J. Foley and Mary Davenport, life long residents of the Town of Warwick, the following are some of the memories they have of the Village of Warwick about the year 1910.

Main Street was an unpaved dirt road with maple trees along both sides of the street. A daily occurrence during the summer months was Mike O’Brien’s team of horses pulling a sprinkler tank down Main Street to eliminate the clouds of dust. Most of the traffic at this time was horse and wagon with occasional motor cars. Mr. Foley vividly remembered the Thomas auto of a Mr. Chamberlain with its high back seat upholstered in red plush material looking very much like a parlor sofa.

Mrs. Davenport fondly remembers the arrival of the DeRue Brothers Minstrels. On the day of the arrival there was always a parade at noon time complete with floats, calliope and uniformed band. Minstrel performances were held over the livery stable in the theater located on First Street.