Owned by the Society — The Shingle House — A Haven for Tourists in 1830!

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“Warwick in History” – A widely known landmark, the old shingle house on the Wallace Dusinberre Farm near Edenville, burned to the ground on this day in 1907. The house was built in 1734 and was one of the oldest landmarks in southern New York.

It was erected by Major Jacobus Post, one of the founders of Edenville. In 1830 it was purchased by D. C. Dusinberre and had been an heirloom of his family.

Tourists had visited the place often. Its history was told many times in the New York dailies. When first built, the house was an inn situated on the old turnpike between Newton amd Newburgh. It was assumed that Washington and other generals of the Revolutionary War stopped there occasionally.