Passenger Transportation on L & H from Warwick was Discontinued in 1939

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“Warwick in History” – The last passenger train of the Lehigh and Hudson River Railway Company made a run from Warwick to Greycourt on July 9, 1939. Passengers had been transported over the railroad for many years. the L & H connected with the Erie at Greycourt where passengers could then go to New York or to points west.

The passenger revenue, however, accounted for a relatively small proportion of the railroad’s gross income, as it traversed an agricultural region and passed through no cities. The passenger traffic had reached its peak in the years 1912-1916. Passenger revenues were steadily decreasing, so it became necessary to discontinue the service in 1939.

The demise was marked by a group of citizens dressed in costumes of the railroad’s early days traveling on the last train.