Pine Island Central School Highlighted

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“Warwick in History” – Pine Island became School District No. 1 of the Town of Warwick in 1813. This was called the Pochuck District, and included the area west of Pochuck Creek, including Pine Island and Merritt’s Island. District No. 2 was Amity to the Pochuck Bridge.

There were several one room schoolhouses throughout what is now the Pine Island District. These were in Amity, Little York, Pleasant Valley and Pine Island.

In 1925, all these schools were centralized into one large school district. The Pine Island School was built and dedicated in 1927. The Board of Trustees were: Andrew J. Bogdanski, president: Robert J. Doty: Harry L. Edsall: William S. Layton and Albert Miller. The Pine Island Central School was the first centralized school in the area and became a part of the Warwick Valley Central School District in 1955.


*Today, Pine Island School is home to Vision Community Church, the Hope Chest/Clothing Closet and the Community Kitchen.*