Remember where the red barn used to be? Well, turn there. .

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“Warwick in HIstory” – When the Town of Warwick was set off from the precinct of Goshen in September of 1788, some months passed before a town government was set up. This government took over the management of public affairs in March of 1789. One of the first things done was to name a committee on highways and to appoint overseers of highway work.

The town has complete records of the surveys of new routes, the straightening of highways, the building of bridges, and other phases of road work. Those records show that the first generation or two after 1789 were very busy ones. Roads at first went from landmark to landmark, such as a blazed sapling, a painted rock near the corner of a home, or some other such landmark now lost. Those were commonly used points of reference for surveyors at that time.