Rural Schools Consolidate in 1937

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“Warwick in History” – In 1936, St. Joseph’s School, Florida, consisted of five classrooms with a registration of 175 pupils. When the new state law made free transportation available to parochial and private school children, the pastor foresaw an increase in the enrollment.

At a meeting of parish members on July 14, 1937, it was decided to enlarge the school building. The next day, men of the parish began the conversion of the auditorium on the second floor into four new classrooms. The work progressed so rapidly that the 233 pupils entering school on September 7 now had the advantage of eight classrooms.

While the rural school districts were deliberating the closing of their schoolhouses, Father Raith forcefully and effectively urged consolidation with the Florida School District. The voters of the Union Corners, Big Island and Mount Eve School Districts voted to consolidate with Florida.