School Daze. . .

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“Warwick in History” – In Hannah Demorest’s diary of 1877-1885, a bit of humor appears in the following stories.

On a certain day in January of 1884, there was a terrible time in the New Milford School. One of the pupils, John Horton, sent an inkwell at Mr. Broderick, the teacher, and was expelled by the trustees.

The Demorest family attended a wedding in Brooklyn of an old friend. It was beautiful, and the girls looked so pretty. When the bride and groom left, Hannah took off her shoe and threw it at the carriage to show her happiness. This was the custom.

The boys, Fred and Sam, attended many an Odd Fellow or Masonic hop in Warwick, and what good times were had! Another member of the family was teaching in the John Drew school house when a certain boy brought a beehive to school. When the fire was started in the morning for heat, school was soon dismissed for the day, as the bees all came out.