School Matters – 1889

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“Warwick in History” – Bellvales RISING STAR for this date in 1889 gave the following information:

In the earliest record of school matters obtainable (in Bellvale), we find Benjamin Burt, John Garthwait and William F. Wheeler as trustees. The first teacher of whom any account could be given was Paul R. Brown. Stephen A. Burt was district clerk for sixteen consecutive years, Andrew Houston filled the same office for the next 24 years.

The first schoolhouse was near the H. W. Houston dwelling. The second school was moved and made into a barn near its old site. Its old place was used for the brick schoolhouse built in 1879.

The total number of children of school age residing in the district in 1830 was 76, of whom 70 attended school some portion of the year.


Just a note:  Our Curator’s Choice on Tuesday, October 15th, centers on Tony Houston’s Book,  ” The Houstons, A Family’s Three Centuries in Orange County, New York.”  Perhaps Tony will shed some additional light on today’s Warwick in History entry.