Schoolhouse at Lake Station – 1926

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“Warwick in History” – When the schoolhouse at Lake Station had a story written about it by Mrs. Delia Houston in 1926, it still had its old windows of many panes. They were its most distinguishing feature on the outside. Otherwise, it was a plain frame building which had been erected more than 100 years ago to replace an earlier stone schoolhouse which was sold and torn down.

The land for the school was taken from the corners of two adjoining fields. There was a wide-spreading oak tree nearby but not enough land for a playground. The school children played in the rocky fields beyond the stone fence and skated on the pond below.

The school was as plain as all others on the inside, too, but was distinguished there for its fine library of almost 300 attractive books. Most of the credit for them belonged to Miss Dorothy Paickslay, a former teacher, who gathered them together. In 1926, the teacher at Lake was Miss Florence Mattison; and the trustee was Joseph Predmore.