Seely Quackenbush came from Bellvale. He was, by trade, a blacksmith, a horse shoer, (more)

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“Warwick in History” – Seely Quackenbush came from Bellvale. ┬áHe was, by trade. a blacksmith, a horse shoer, and a wagon maker back in the days when those crafts were a necessity to transportation. Seely was also a musician; he could play the violin without the aid of a written note. His was a profitable business, and Longfellow’s “Village Blacksmith” aptly describes his activities.

In middle life, things took a change; Seely became enthralled with the desire to proclaim the four-square gospel. He revived churches that had been closed, holding meetings at people’s homes. In his homey, warm fashion, he would conduct meetings with spirited selections from his violin. meetings, well attended, were held in the Acker Schoolhouse long since gone, two miles up the hill from Lloyd’s Market on Route 94 (now Shoprite). At one time Pastor Seely exclaimed, “Those who want to go to heaven, raise your hands.” All hands were raised but that of one brother in the back seat. “What is the matter, Brother Green, don’t you want to go to heaven?” asked Pastor Seely. “Nope,” said Brother Green, “Acker District is good enough for me.”