First Student to Enter Eastman’s College at Poughkeepsie – 1859

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“Warwick in History” – In the year 1859, a farmer’s boy received a little circular setting forth the advantages of education. The boy already had a fair common school education and had spent some time at Seward Institute, situated not far from his home.
He knew little or nothing of business, but as he had been thinking of taking a partner and making a start for himself, he saw that the little circular described just what he needed. he therefore, brought the matter to the attention of his father, and they talked it over, the father agreeing with him that a business education was just what he should have. So in three days they started for Poughkeepsie where Eastman Business College, described in the circular, was located.
This boy was Mr. Andrew Houston of Bellvale, the first student to enter Eastman’s College at Poughkeepsie.