Sugar Loaf was Quite a Summer Resort

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“Warwick in History” – Between 1905 and 1915 Sugar Loaf was quite a summer resort. About the middle of June there would be an influx of “city people” for the summer season which usually ended when the Church Fair was held the last weekend of August or on Labor Day. The families would arrive on the neon train or the 5:15 to remain, and the husbands to return on the 7:15 Monday morning, coming back Friday evenings on the 7:30. Everyone who had extra rooms welcomed the “city people” warmly.

During this period, it was quite “the thing” for parties of young people from Warwick to climb Sugar Loaf Mountain. “My dear, you hadn’t been anywhere until you have climbed Sugar Loaf Mountain!” Can you imagine the girls in shirtwaists with high collars and long sleeves, large hats, voluminous skirts, high-buttoned shoes, laboring up the mountains! Young men, too, were rather handicapped with tight trousers and high stiff collars.

This was taken from Sugar Loaf recollections of Mrs. John D. Beattie, Sr