The Warwick Athletic Association (more)

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“Warwick in History” – The Warwick Athletic Association, or Gymnasium as it was popularly called, on July 25, 1888, decided to organize a baseball club. They used a small room over Ermann’s Cigar store as their meeting room with a membership of twenty.In 1889 a building back of the old Welling Hotel, just off main Street, was built. part of the building was used by the Warwick Book Club, with one half of the first floor being devoted to gymnasium apparatus and a stage for home entertainments. The other half, devoted to billiards and pool, was equipped with two tables for each. The second story was divided into a reading room, committee room and a general meeting room.Six members had served the association faithfully as presidents. They were: John M. Gillespie, I.W. Litchfield, S.S. VanSaun, B.B. Sayer, Dr. J.H. Wood and G.F. Ketchum.

(This has been taken from the DIRECTORY AND SOUVENIR BOOK OF WARWICK.)