Warwick Gets Powered Up! 1924

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“Warwick in History” – In 1924, the Orange and Rockland Electric Company calculated that the Town of Warwick was its largest customer for current for lighting purposes and for cooking, and was third largest in sales of current for power. In those days, it was a newsworthy item when a person’s house or business was wired for electricity, or when an electric range was installed, or an electric washer delivered. The Orange and Rockland used to note such events in its weekly newsletter.

For instance, in 1925, Borden’s Creameries in New Milford and Florida were being wired for electricity; fixtures were installed in a barber shop in Warwick; and electric lines were being run to the hamlet of Durlandville, where residents were having their homes and barns wired to be ready for hooking up to the current.

C.J. Benedict, former Warwick electrician, recalls that the middle 1920’s saw all of Edenville, Amity, Pine island, Little York and Little Brooklyn electrified, as well as Hoopstick, Snufftown and Big Island.