Almost as soon as Warwick had settlers, it had inns.(more)

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“Warwick in History” – Almost as soon as Warwick had settlers, it had inns. Although there is no record of which was the first, it was undoubtedly Baird’s Tavern, still standing on Main Street. Among its first guests of note was the Reverend James Manning, a young Baptist clergyman who traveled in the colonies with an eye to their spiritual condition. He preached in Warwick’s Baptist Meeting Ho…use in 1779, ate Sunday dinner at the tavern, and found it excellent. This is the same Manning who founded what is now Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island.
Local tradition has it that Martha Washington stayed overnight at Baird’s Tavern in 1780, on her way from Newburgh to Mount Vernon. There are no records of her stay, but it is said that a small boy, spying from nearby bushes, saw her coach depart. Fully authenticated, however, is George Washington’s stop here on July 27, 1782.
Baird’s Tavern is still standing and is now the home of Miss Genevieve Van Duzer.
(Reminder – The daily Warwick in History is from the Bicentennial Minutes in 1976.)