Warwick’s Great History of Hospitality Continues With Tavern Night

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Warwick’s Great History of Hospitality Continues With Tavern Night

From the time that George Washington marched up the King’s Highway from Philadelphia to Newburgh, Warwick has always been a welcoming destination point for travelers in need of food, drink and a warm bed for the night.  Indeed there are receipts that attest to the General’s patronage of our own Baird’s Tavern which, since preserved by The Warwick Historical Society over the past 20 years, looks today much as it did 250 years ago to a weary traveler.  At that time, Baird’s Tavern did a brisk business due to the importance of the well-traveled crossroads on which it stands.

The popularity of Baird Tavern brought about the construction of another popular watering hole just a slingshot away and at the junction of Colonial and Forester Avenues.  It was of course, the famous Wawayanda House, where later Frank Forester spent many days writing and socializing.  By 1972, there were nineteen taverns in the Warwick Valley alone.

With the opening of the Warwick Valley Railroad in 1862, our beautiful valley was now suddenly within easy reach of wealthy New Yorkers too. Large estates were built and a wave of hotels sprang up to accommodate tourists and boarders.  The Warwick Valley House (Dispatch Building), The National Hotel and Demerest Hall (on Railroad Ave); and the grandest of all, The Red Swan Inn, (which stood on Oakland Ave. near the Country Club), all provided food, drink and entertainment with great gusto.

To celebrate and remind us of this great Warwick tradition of hospitality, the Warwick Historical Society is hosting its 7th annual Tavern Night this Saturday, March 9th from 6pm to 9pm.  In previous years, Tavern Night was held at Baird’s Tavern, but the event has proven so popular that is has been moved to the larger A.W. Buckbee Center at 2 Colonial Ave.  Following tradition, the Warwick Historical Society will serve a variety of handcrafted foods and beverages reminiscent of centuries ago.  The $30 entrance fee covers all.