Warwick’s Main Street had a Good Foundation

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“Warwick in History” – About the year 1910, Main Street in the Village of Warwick could boast many places of business. At the corner of West and Main, was George Sayre’s Dry Goods Store with a full porch that was a few steps above street level. The porch was a general meeting place. Next door was Pete Rone’s Barber Shop. Dwight Dutcher’s Jewerly Store came next and then Heinzelman’s Shoe Repair, and Mr. Vollmer’s harness maker’s shop, noted for its fine leather work. Then came Mr. Gullman’s Grocery and Candy Store. The grocery store of Al Drew had a large pot-bellied stove.

Crossing McEwen Street brought us to Rightmyer’s Drug Store, always famous for its fine home-made ice cream. Above the drug store was Al Burk’s Hotel. Further up the street was Raynor’s Meat Market and Sam Spraragen’s Dry Goods Store. Mr. Spraragen would also peddle from house to house with a pack of dry goods strapped to his back. On the site of the present telephone building was located the Welling Hotel, and Hoffman’s Bakery was located at the site of the former Warwick Savings Bank. Behind the bakery was Sam Houston’s Pool Room and Lunch Counter. Next to the bakery was the collection office of the Orange and Rockland Electric Company.


(Discussion with Mary Davenport and Leo Foley brought these former business establishments to our attention.)