Wine, Cheese & Jazz 2013 — List of Cheeses Served

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So many of you have asked for a list of the various cheeses served at the Buckbee Center at our Wine, Cheese & Jazz evening. Purchased at the Paramus Fairway Market they are as follows:

Guffanti Rocchetta – From the Piedmont of Italy, made with 3 pasteurized milks. Soft, smooth, earthy. 2006 Outstanding Cheese winner.
L’ami Du Chambertin – From Brochon, France near Gevrey Chambertin. Rind is washed in Marc De Bourgogne. Strong smelling, rich, lush cheese.
Chabriou Petit Chevre – Pasteurized goat’s milk from the Pyrenee region. Aged 2 months.
Sapore Del Piave – Creamy, nutty cow’s milk cheese from Italy. Aged 15-16 months.
Tomme Cabriolet – Raw goat’s milk cheese from the Pyrenees. Ash rind. Very limited availability in the U.S.
Explorateur – Triple-crème cow’s milk cheese from France with a mild, creamy flavor.
Gorgonzola Dolce – Sweet, creamy young gorgonzola from Lombardy, Italy. Pasteurized cow’s milk.
Abbaye de Belloc – French farmhouse semi-hard cheese from raw sheep’s milk. First made by Benedictine monks.
Le Chatelaine Camembert – Big, fruity flavor, pasteurized cow’s milk cheese from Normandy.
Swiss der Scharfe Max – Strong, pungent mountain cheese from northern Switzerland. Pasteurized cow’s milk.
Bufala Casatida – 100% water buffalo milk from Lombardia, Italy. Milky and creamy.
Roquefort Carles – Unpasteurized sheep’s milk. Made by hand, aged in natural cellars. Creamy, salty.
Chevrot – Chevre from France. Dense, sweet barnyard flavor. Pasteurized goat’s milk.
Coulommier – The ancestor of brie. Made with rich cow’s milk. Extra creamy.
Flor d Esgueva – A sophisticated version of Manchego. Raw sheep’s milk from northern Spain. Aged 6-9 months.