“Ye Gentlemen of Warwick” (and more)

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“Warwick in History” – The following was taken from the DIRECTORY AND SOUVENIR BOOK OF WARWICK published in 1896 entitled “Ye Gentlemen of Warwick.”

Away back among the hills of old Orange County is settled the beautiful villa of Warwick, the seat and heart of God’s noblest production – man. It would hardly be proper to publish a book devoted to showing forth the beauties of this village, without a short article devoted to the holding up before an admiring, awestruck public, the handsome, intellectual and ambitious men of Warwick. This, the “Queen Village of the Empire State,” can surely boast of its handsome men.

The greater number of our men were once the boys of Warwick. Our men are useful, as well as ornamental. they are proud, ambitious and domestic and stand shoulder to shoulder, ready to help in times of trouble or sorrow, and willing to lend a smile to gladden the hearts of others.

Yes, these are the gentlemen of warwick who are first in peace, first in war, and first in the hearts of women in Warwick.